Read more My review Review from Reviews 3.9 8,403 total 5 4,792 4 1,261 3 710 2 360 1 1,280 Helpfulness Newest Rating Helpfulness Richard Roberts Good but a couple issues Works well for the most part but a bug prevents the pie menu from opening if the screen orientation is changed while in full screen mode.Wallpapers on the home screen show a black bar at the bottom too Full Review Vince Whydman 19 August 2013 Great A great tool that allows you to properly use the entire screen of your device 99 percent of the time The new pie chart is real handy.โบรกเกอร์ตัวเลือกไบนารีทบทวนไต้หวัน Top Binary option signals review.Full Review Siafu Linux 11 July 2015 Excellent Been having a problem with my home button closing all background apps.

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Full Review Robert Key 23 March 2014 Revolutionary I am absolutely amazed at the customizations this app can do.This would add lots of functionality without cluttering the view.Update: no Kitkat-support:-( Full Review Saundra Gardner-Storey 19 January 2014 Good stuff but.Sticking with LMT launcher for now Full Review Muhammad MdAfandi 10 January 2014 Gt-i8610 jb 4.1.2 Very nice simple app just to claim a valuable little display section.Also, when loaded in chrome, I have to turn the pad off to be able to exit it as all icons go and there is no way to get back to the home screen.HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Binary Options is highly speculative, carries a level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading Binary Options.

Meaning that if u exit full screen mode, the same notifications that I thought I cleared were actually still hanging around.Full Review Elliot Gillan 16 September 2013 Love the app Use it on my nexus 7 and this adds about an inch to the total screen size.You can also open apps with the menu and such like Great tool Full Review John Roberts 15 December 2013 No kit Kat support Installed on my nexus 5 and the buttons appear, but have no functionality.

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You might lose ability to accept incoming calls or receive SMS in fullscreen mode.BTW, if you use the 4.2 split bar (activated with the LauncherSwitchSettingsActivity activity) on the ASUS TF700T, this app will hide both the Notification and System bars.


I was about to flash another rom then bam, I saw this app moments before.

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Suggestions for improvement: Would be great to be able to access app drawer directly as well.

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Shame though that, in full screen mode, it does not display the settings toggles (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc) Full Review John Blain 12 December 2014 Nope.One problem, the push notify shows up for a power draining app.Button savior(NO ROOT) 1 Free Pre-ordered Full Screen Incoming Call Senso Tools 1 Free Full Screen Incoming Call app to you gets the full photo on the caller screen 1 Free Pre-ordered Swipe Status Bar Tomas Chladek 1 Free Quick access to notification panel from fullscreen applications by gesture 1 Free Pre-ordered Color Status Bar ThirstyStar 1 Free Status bar decorating applications.Wipes out all the icons and buttons leaving you only with the wallpaper.If able to add more softbuttons at more places, this app could be also a great launcher tool Full Review 15 May 2015 Awesome app.Full Review Richard Anderson 19 December 2013 Very good app Love the application.

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Full Review arnocr01 23 October 2015 Great app Really improves screen real estate on longer tablet. 2 functions I would like added: 1) screenshot added as action.Robert Key Revolutionary I am absolutely amazed at the customizations this app can do.Great LMT and Expanded Desktop replacement for now User reviews Richard Roberts 12 October 2013 Good but a couple issues Works well for the most part but a bug prevents the pie menu from opening if the screen orientation is changed while in full screen mode.Only thing is the status bar is permanently hidden unless you turn off the app.Full Review Kickurd Kickurd 10 February 2014 Good but not perfect I love this application on my 7 inch tablet, making the screen real estate just than small bit bigger.Full Review BK LM 16 August 2013 Awesome app but you pay a price on performance No more mis-touching the status bar icons. Awesome. But I noticed performance went down.Full Review Satwik Dasgupta 29 March 2015 Works as described.

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The provided replacement buttons can be configured in function, visibility, position and size.You can get full screen using Xpose framework and using Immerse Me module.It does more customization than custom roms, except you do not need a custom rom.

Evethough I clear the notifications, it wont be cleared from the system.Full Review Sam Chin 18 March 2015 Just need to improve on some things I really love it, it has a nice look to the app the xontrols are nice.Also to be able to move buttons around to more than just a few places.Still thanks a lot for a nice app Full Review JL LJ 15 September 2013 A must have.

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I know it cannot hide the nav bar on split screens so I use another app for that.I should say somany thanks to the developer coz it solved my full screen gaming problem of Xperia Z. now I can play full screen games without doing some Rom modifications. best app for full screen, works great.My battery full charge notification do not push off when disconnected cable, kill it manually. Still five.I tried so many different ways to do this before I found this app, including entire ROMs, launchers and other programs that just failed or were ridiculously complicated to set up.

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Only small problem I have found is that the application switcher has only small active area for each app, making it hard to click on my Android TV Box.ทดลองใช้. ในแบบที่ให้ใช้ฟรี. ตัวที่ดีที่สุด...Would have been nice to have an option to temporarily hide stays bar at the top and would show again on swipe, kind of like hidden Object dock functionality.


Overall, a quite decent app Full Review Troy Dalton 21 February 2015 Oh man, I forgot to rate this app.

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I already toggle my status bar with nova and when I run this I cannot open up my status bar.Thank you:) Full Review Federico Kereki 5 December 2013 System bar still shows.This is the one inconvenience for me but I like this app over the other softkey ones.

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Sir, can you please fix this bug and I will gladly appreciate it, and will recommend this application to my friends, families, co workers and even beggars as well.

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Full Review David Braund 10 December 2013 Wonderful Tried everything on samsungs now abandonded original note 10.1. The nav bar was so ugly it made want to cry and i kept hitting the muti window while trying to place the spacebar.Item removed from wish list. 1 Install Full screen for tablets.Great LMT and Expanded Desktop replacement for now Full Review Teunis Brosens 6 April 2014 Simply great Have been looking for this a long time.It will sgow me the time, date, whether im connected to wifi or not and battery percentage.This unfortunately is a system-limitation and no workaround possible.Full Review Karolina Anna 26 August 2013 Good but Can you add the ability to only hide the softkeys.

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